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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Oct/2003: "Pictures from Westonbirt"

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Pictures from Westonbirt

As promised yesterday a few pictures from Westonbirt Arboretum. A lot didn't come out as I had hoped, but here's a selection of some of the better ones:

Picture of lots of peoplePicture of colourful trees
As I had feared it was extremely busy, sometimes it felt more like rush hour in a big city than in a rural arboretum. I had to wait for ages to take the picture above (as did a lot of other people standing next to me).

Picture of a bench under treesPicture of colourful trees
Some of the colours were just amazing. Various shades of red, orange and yellow mixed with the remaining green. Difficult to capture on a picture, these pictures don't really do the colours justice.

Picture of leavesAnd finally a closer look at some beautifully coloured leaves. If the weather holds up I'll probably go for a walk here in Swindon Town Gardens later this morning. It did cloud over yesterday afternoon (which is why some of the pictures didn't come out as well as I had hoped), so keep your fingers crossed.

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