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Ministry of Propaganda - 25/Oct/2003: "Blogging in English"

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Blogging in English

Back from Westonbirt, a nice day out even though it did cloud over during the afternoon. If any of the pictures come out well I'll post some later today or early tomorrow.

But now for something different: Why do I blog in English? Why not in German? Currently there is a discussion in the German blogosphere about bridging language barriers and why some German bloggers blog in English.

It started with Ton Zylstra discussing language barriers, which was picked up by Martin Roell. Martin mentions a few other German bloggers blogging in English, of them Heiko Hebig responds. And Heiko's thoughts are picked up by Stefan Smalla.

So how about me? After all I'm German, so why don't I blog in German? Well, while there is no particular reason standing out there are a multitude of reasons and motivations:

I think that about sums up my reasons to blog in English. And now I'm curious what other bloggers living abroad think: Why is Stuart not blogging in French more often? Why is Ralf blogging in English most of the time? Why is Morgaine blogging in English instead of Dutch or French?

Before I finish this entry a related point, my thoughts about Stefan Smalla's dream: I'm in violent disagreement with his dream. While I agree that it would be good to have a common language everyone could communicate in (which English de facto is going to be) I would hate to lose the multitude of languages and even dialects. I wouldn't want a world where everyone speaks American (which effectively is what Stefan is dreaming of). I very much prefer a colourful world with different languages and dialects. Just read and listen to this. Take a look at this blog (via which I found the previous link, despite not understanding a word of Welsh). Take a look at these beautiful characters (or whatever they are called, I'm not sure). No, I wouldn't want to lose all this.

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