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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/Jul/2003: "Holiday pictures 2"

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Holiday pictures 2

A few more holiday pictures. On Monday I went to Machir Bay where I met Gianfranco Zola. Well, kind of. More a tribute to him:

Picture of a mosaicPicture of Machir Bay

Tuesday was a very wet day, rain for most of the day. Nevertheless I went for a walk near Kintra Farm, where I also found a very nice waterfall:

Picture of Armin on a hill near Kintra FarmPicture of a waterfall

On Tuesday evening my mother had arrived, on Wednesday morning we left for Colonsay. We had a very nice walk over The Strand to Oronsay as well as a great view from the monument near Scalasaig on Colonsay:

Picture of my mother on The StrandPicture of ScalasaigThat's all for now, may be more at the weekend. Or thereabout.

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