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Ministry of Propaganda - 28/Jul/2003: "Holiday pictures"

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Holiday pictures

Picture of traffic congestionAs I had to copy the pictures from my camera to my laptop to free up some memory I thought I quickly put a few pictures together for the blog.
The drive up to Scotland took longer than I had hoped for, the motorway looked like in the picture on the left quite a lot. Roadworks all over the place. And even when it said 40 on the sign, the real speed was more like 20. If that. I arrived at the Empire Travel Lodge early in the evening. They have now rented out their breakfast room to a restaurant, where I had a very nice dinner. The next morning I had a nice walk at Kilmory Woodland Gardens before catching the ferry to Islay. From the ferry I had a nice view to the Paps of Jura:

Picture of the ferry arriving in KennacraigHaving arrived on Islay I made my way to the singing sands of Carraigh Fhada (hm, is that how you spell it? need to look this up...), where I enjoyed a nice afternoon. Later in the afternoon I drove over to Port Charlotte to check in at my hotel.
Picture of the Singing SandsPicture of the Paps of Jura from the ferry

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