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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/Oct/2003: "Blogging in English Pt 2"

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Blogging in English Pt 2

Quite a few responses to my recent Blogging in English post:

Some chose to post in the forum: The Cartoonist says "blogging in German would be somewhat odd" while Morgaine is planning to start blogging in Dutch

Morgaine also posts a longer answer with some interesting links about languages (e.g. disappearing languages) on her blog.

Stuart sent me an e-mail with some thoughts about my question why he doesn't blog in French, some of which I can publish here:

"That's a good question. If I'd started my blog when I lived in Barcelona, I may well have blogged in Spanish or even in Catalan. As it is, when I started blogging I'd only been in France for a few months and didn't feel my French was up to the challenge of blogging every day (I still don't, in fact).
I agree with your point about English being "universal". I'm not sure whether or not I think that's a good thing for my monolingual countrymen, but since I do make the effort to learn other languages as well, I feel I can write in English with a clear conscience - even on a French-based blog.
The fact that I write in English was the source of much interesting discussion when I met up with a group of Parisian bloggers recently. Some people said they wouldn't visit my site because of it."

A variety of different reasons, some similar, some very different. More thoughts and comments welcome!

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