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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/Aug/2003: "Three in a Day"

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Three in a Day

Yesterday it was time for another walk from the Walker's Web, this time I went on Walk 5, Avebury to West Kennett. On this five mile walk it is possible to visit three important prehistoric sites: Silbury Hill, West Kennett Long Barrow and Avebury (not to mention a few others on the way). From Avebury I left for Silbury Hill, which would be visible for most of the walk:

Picture of Silbury Hill

Due to erosion problems you can't get close to Silbury Hill (and there isn't much to see anyway), so I continued to West Kennett Long Barrow:

Picture of West Kennett Long Barrow

West Kennett Long Barrow is a prehistoric burial place, you can actually walk into parts of it. There are a few chambers to see inside:

Picture of the chambers inside West Kennett Long Barrow

Via the Ridgeway and the Avenue I then returned to Avebury, which was quite crowded with tourists:

Picture of Avebury Stone Circle

Even though I had visited some of the places previously it was a very nice afternoon with a pleasant walk. Perfect for a relaxing Saturday afternoon. And thanks to Trevor Walker for another excellent walk!

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