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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/March/2003: "Shameless plug #42.8"

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Shameless plug #42.8

Spring must be just around the corner, today was a very nice day with quite a lot of sunshine and pleasant temperatures (just warm enough to go outside without a jacket). I drove to Ramsbury and had a look around there (pictures to follow). On the way I stopped at Liddington Castle, from where you have a quite nice view over Swindon. The result is a page with a few panoramic views over Swindon.

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Nice. In the second picture, is that the same lorry that appears several times?

Posted by Stuart @ 03/March/2003 09:44 GMT

I'm not entirely sure, but I think it probably is. I took the individual pictures from left to right, so the lorry would have travelled that way.

Posted by Armin @ 03/March/2003 10:29 GMT

Thought so. But that was the only clue that you might have joined these pictures together - otherwise, I would just have assumed you had a ridiculously wide lens.

Posted by Stuart @ 03/March/2003 10:45 GMT

Do lenses that wide exist? I don't remember how many individual pictures I used, for the first one I think 7 or 8. And then I had some help from before some further corrections

Posted by Armin @ 03/March/2003 10:56 GMT