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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/May/2009: "Bank Holiday Sunday Walk - Two Pubs and Bucklebury Common"

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Bank Holiday Sunday Walk - Two Pubs and Bucklebury Common

After last week's short stroll on the other side of the A4 it was time for a longer walk this bank holiday weekend. Unfortunately I had some back problems yesterday, but with most of it gone today I was ready after lunch. Having consulted my Ordnance Survey map #159 Reading, Wokingham and Pangbourne I set my sights at Chapel Row and Bucklebury Common as my destination for the day. The Bluebells at ‘Shrub Wood’ had been joined by other flowers:

Picture of Bluebells and other flowers

Picture of Bluebells under a variety of trees From ‘Shrub Wood’ I continued past Beenham Church through the ‘Old Copse’, then past ‘Oakwood Farm’ to the ‘High Wood’. More Bluebells were to be admired here, together with a variety of trees. Across a field I walked to ‘Upper Farm’ before turning right for ‘Copyhold Farm’. From here it wasn't far to ‘Chapel Row’, where I made my first stop at The Bladebone Inn.

Picture of a country pub, the Bladebone Inn

I had a pint of ‘Good Old Boy’ from the West Berkshire Brewery and some crisps, sitting in the sun in their beer garden. Refreshed my walk continued, through ‘Chapelrow Common’ I walked along various byways and bridleways to Bucklebury Common. I went to a place marked ‘Scotland’ on the map, but couldn't see anything that told me why it was called that. It just looked like plain old West Berkshire. Still, it was sunny and mild, a nice time to walk through the woods with all the fresh green.

Picture of fields seen through some trees

Picture of the moon visible on a blue sky above a treeSpotting the moon in the sky reminded me that I still had quite some way to go, especially if I wanted to be back home before it got dark. Through the ‘Lower Common’ and ‘Carbins Wood’ (passing ‘Reading's Gulli’ on the way) I walked towards ‘Midgham Green’, turning off on to the footpath through ‘Channel Wood’. This took me to Upper Woolhampton, from where it wasn't far to Woolhampton. My plan was to visit The Angel Gastro Pub Woolhampton, unfortunately it turned out they were closed on Sunday evenings. So it was The Rowbarge again instead.

Picture of a country pub, the Rowbarge

As it was rapidly approaching 7:00 pm I decided to have something to eat here, I picked a ‘gourmet burger’ with chips. With the sun starting to set behind the trees this was enjoyed in the beer garden, together with another pint of ‘Good Old Boy’. Now back in familiar territory south of the A4 it was time for the final stretch, following the towpath along the Kennet & Avon Canal to Aldermaston Wharf.

Picture of a panoramic view over a calm canal in the evening light

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