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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Apr/2009: "Bluebell Woods and Beenham Church Stroll"

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Bluebell Woods and Beenham Church Stroll

In my quest to stay at least mildy active after my return from WalkIslay 2009 and to slowly discover more of the area I live in I did something today I hadn't done so far: I ventured to the other side of the A4, towards Beenham. Not a long walk, more of a stroll, but it was certainly worth it. The first section wasn't too exciting, just a road past a factory. But once I started climbing the hill and reached an area called ‘Shrub Wood’ I was rewarded with these bluebells:

Panoramic picture of a carpet of bluebells in a wood

The early evening light was very nice, providing some beautiful colours. The fresh green of the new leaves, the carpet of bluebells on the ground, the trees, just wonderful.

Picture of some trees with their fresh green and bluebells below

I walked up to Beenham Church and cemetery, where I had a quick look around. From the church I briefly explored a footpath towards Oakwood Farm, but then decided to turn back and walked home the same way I had come.

Picture of a small church in the evening light

After 1.5 hours I returned home, a nice stroll worth building on. Looking at the Ordnance Survey map #159 Reading, Wokingham and Pangbourne there seem to be quite a few footpaths in the area worth exploring. There are a few bank holiday weekends coming up...

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