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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Mar/2009: "Waterside Series Canoe Race Passes Aldermaston Wharf"

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Waterside Series Canoe Race Passes Aldermaston Wharf

Living right at the Kennet & Avon Canal does have certain advantages. Not only can I go on nice canal walks, watch nice sunsets and sunrises, no, I also get nice views of the action on the canal. Unfortunately I only found out when the first canoes started to turn up, but Race B of the Waterside Series passed right below my lounge window today. Here's a short video I created of the action on the canal today:


I recommend using the link above and watching it directly on YouTube at ‘high quality’ (click on ‘watch in high quality’ bottom right under the video), looks much better than the embedded normal quality. The video shows footage both from my flat and from various places up the canal. Having watched some of the first arrivals from my ‘fake balcony’ I decided to get out and took a small camera with video capability with me. Jogging along the canal I had a number of nice views of canoeists going down (and soon up again) the canal. The last views are from back at the flat again. I hope you enjoy the video.

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