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Ministry of Propaganda - 07/Feb/2009: "Winter in Aldermaston Wharf"

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Winter in Aldermaston Wharf

Belated Happy New Year and Frohes Neues Jahr! Yes, there is still life in this old blog. Not much, but I'm still going to post the occasional entry here. My first winter in Aldermaston Wharf and it's the coldest and ‘snowiest’ (is that actually a word?) winter since 1873 (or something like that). Meaning plenty of nice photo opportunities, some of which I'm going to post here today. Starting with a wintry and cold Aldermaston Lock and Lockside Court:

Picture of the end of a canal lock, looking along a wintry canal

There are quite a few ducks and swans around, mainly in the short side arm between the lock and the A340 road bridge. This one was quite happy to pose for a picture after he had been given some bread by a mother with a her child having come to feed the ducks. With the snow covering most of the grass I guess they must be fairly hungry.

Picture of a swan standing on snow next to a canal

Even during the winter there is a fairly high amount of canal boat traffic on the Kennet and Avon Canal, using the lock just outside my flat:

Picture of a canal boat leaving a lock during the winter

As there are no icebreakers deployed on the canal you have to help yourself and break the ice in front of your boat. One method is using a long pole and just smashing it to smithereens:

Picture of a man standing on the bow of a canal boat breaking ice on the water with a pole

The last view is a few hundred yards west of Aldermaston, an impression of a wintry canal tow path under icy trees:

Picture of a canal with a tow path in the winter

That's all for now. More some other day.

PS: I'm working on implementing a comment system on this blog, if everything goes to plan you should be able to leave your views at the bottom of each new entry now.

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