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Ministry of Propaganda - 21/Jan/2006: "A Few Islay and Jura Links"

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A Few Islay and Jura Links

It's probably been a while since I last posted any links for Islay and Jura (I'm too lazy to search through my archives when the last time was, so you just have to trust me). I guess I have some catch up to do, here are a few links I found over the last few weeks:

That's all for now. Almost. A quick plug for WalkIslay 2006, which will be 15th to 21st of April. The program isn't online yet, but from what I've heard so far it will be another excellent week. Or in other words, bookmark this link to WalkIslay and keep looking occasionally. Or even better, book your holiday now and get your walking boots ready. I'll be there and will blog any news here as I receive them.

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