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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Nov/2005: "Kilchoman Distilling"

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Kilchoman Distilling

Screendump of the Ileach website

My copy hasn't arrived yet (it usually arrives on the Tuesday or Wednesday down here in Swindon), but The Ileach website has a nice picture of the first spirit running through the spirit safe at Kilchoman Distillery.

I visited the then under construction distillery in August, so it's good to read that they are finally under way now. At the same time the long wait for the first bottlings now begins, it will still be quite a few years until I'll taste my first Kilchoman Single Malt. Will it be before or after my Octomore 2002 is ready? The Octomore will be ready for bottling in 2010 earliest, but then again might not be until 2012 or later. Ardbeg released the Very Young Ardbeg after six years (of which I have a bottle, but I haven't opened it yet), if they do something similar that would mean around 2011 or 2012 for Kilchoman. I guess it's wait and see. And have the odd other wee dram until then.

And before someone points out that I can also subscribe to The Ileach as a PDF to get it the same day as published on Islay, no, I don't want that. In some areas I prefer to be 'old fashioned' and to read a newspaper on good old paper. Sitting down with a newspaper and a nice cup of tea (or a wee dram) is what I want in that case, not sitting in front of a computer.

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