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Ministry of Propaganda - 09/Nov/2005: "Loch Indaal"

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Loch Indaal

Apologies for the lack of entries here, I'm very busy both at work and at home. Not complaining though, better busy than bored. Still working my way through more than 300 pictures I took on the day of my walk in the north east of Islay. Quite difficult to decide which ones to use and also quite a few panoramas to try if they work out. I had almost forgotten about them, but there are also pictures for a nice evening view over Loch Indaal from Port Charlotte. Two panoramas to choose from and possibly turn into a QTVR panorama:

The first one is slightly further back standing on the pier, it's the one I like better and will most likely use. It also seems to align best (the pictures were taken without a tripod).

Picture of a panoramic view over a sea loch

The second is from the end of the pier, unfortunately the images don't align as well, so I probably won't use this version. I also think not having anything in the foreground makes it look more boring.

Picture of a panoramic view over a sea loch

At this size both might not look that exciting anyway, they look much more impressive as a QTVR panorama. At least I think so. They might not mean much to someone not familiar with Islay, I just love the view over to The Oa, up to Bowmore and on a clear day the Paps of Jura on the horizon in the north east. The huge wide open space. When I'm on Islay I walk down to the pier almost every evening (weather permitting) for at least a few minutes.

Plan is to complete this panorama as well as the walking in the north east of Islay over the next few days. You'll read it here once they're done. In other news:

That's enough, off for a warm bath and a good night's sleep. Another busy day ahead tomorrow.

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