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Ministry of Propaganda - 25/Jan/2005: "Burns Nicht"

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Burns Nicht

Picture of a Haggis

While I'm not Scottish regular readers will know that I quite like Scotland and spend almost all my holidays there. I can understand the odd word of Scots and have even tried to write an entry in Scots. I have eaten Haggis and if you check out the "Entry trivia" you'll notice that im not impartial to a wee dram every once in a while (I'm having a 20yr Bruichladdich while writing this entry).

Why am I writing this? Because today is Burns Night. I'm not going to a Burns Supper (not sure if there is one anywhere down here in Swindon), so I've checked what the blogs had to say about it. Quite a lot as it turns out:

Missing so far is Stuart, he wrote about it two years ago though.

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