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Returned expats

This page is an addition to my Blogging Abroad list. Some people decide to return to their homeland after having lived abroad for a while. As they don't qualify for the Blogging Abroad list any more, I decided to list them here.

If you think you qualify to be listed on this page please send me an email with your details and I'll add your blog as soon as possible.

Now Then Blog Language RSS?
USA France Jason Kottke's (Nov 2002 only) EN n/a
USA Japan Mike Gerhardt's mikemedia EN yes
Germany USA Andreas Schäfer's decaf - deutsch kalifornische freundschaft DE yes
Germany USA Konstantin Klein's WorldWideKlein DE, EN yes
USA Spain Russell Beattie's Notebook EN yes
England France Jeremy Smith's Jezblog EN yes
USA Singapore Kristen Suzanne's Krisalis EN yes
USA Czech Republic Geoff's from the terminal of Geoff Goodfellow EN yes
USA Italy Molly Wright Steenson's girlwonder EN yes
UK Germany Pete Gordon-Smith's Expecting to Fly EN no
USA Germany Kevin's An American in Hamburg EN yes
USA Germany Susie's Raspberry World EN no
Britain Japan Lisa's turquoise EN no
Denmark Panama Pelle Braendgaard's EN yes
Canada Japan Mike Clarke's hunkabutta.cöm EN no
Austria Germany Cornelia's Cornelia in Berlin DE no
USA Hungary Jay Allen's The Daily Journey EN yes
Canada Japan Mark Hegge's vu deja? ::aphotoblogbymark:: EN yes
USA Germany Anna Wilkins' Adventures of an American Girl in Germany EN yes
Australia New Zealand Peter Marquis-Kyle's House swapping EN no
Germany Canada Ulrike's Unser Mann in Canada DE no
Australia USA Tim Dunlop's the road to surfdom EN yes
USA France Anna Rae's Ma Vie à Annecy EN yes
USA Czech Republic Dillon's An Alaskan Abroad EN yes
Australia China Stewart Johnson's FatCaterpillar EN yes
Germany Scotland Yvonne Boettger's schottland DE yes
USA Germany Ernie Tedeschi's Lobster Stuffed With Tacos EN yes
Scotland France EasyJetsetter's EasyJetsetter EN yes
Switzerland Sweden Rolf Leu's Ein Schweizer in Umeå EN, DE, SE yes
Germany USA Stephan Hoyer's Nawlins! DE yes
USA UK Tucker MacNeill's The life and times of an ex²-pat Yank. EN yes
UK Germany neil's In Actual Fact EN yes
Netherlands England Arno Kemper's Minispace - The Anglo-Dutch Divide NL, EN, DE yes
Germany England Kai Stukenbrock's bla2kay EN yes
USA England Lynn's Moonlight Ponderings EN no
Germany China Jens Maukisch's DE yes
Germany Scotland Benjamin Hofner's WeeDram DE yes
Romania Austria Marcel Parau's Coltzu' meu RO yes
UK Netherlands Neville Hobson's EN yes
Romania Denmark Paul Petroniu Marza's re:Troniu RO, EN yes

There are also a few bloggers who seemed to have stopped blogging, they are listed here:

Then Now Blog Language RSS?
Brazil England Simone's Blog Spot EN no
England USA Joanna's Joanna's Day EN no
USA Germany Anonymus' Amiland EN no
USA China Peter McDermott's blogs from beijing EN no
USA France Damelon Kimbrough's On topic except when I'm not! EN, FR yes
USA England Jason's Limeys! Everywhere! EN no
Russia USA Tatiana's Russian Beauty Found in Texas! EN, RU no
USA Bulgaria Jeffrey Rank's Sofia Sideshow EN yes
Ireland Germany Paul Dunne's The Shamrockshire Eagle EN yes
Canada USA Jish's EN yes
USA Denmark Dennis Kim's EN no
USA Germany Anne Beryl's Anne Beryl - Sometimes Writer, Always Study Abroad Junky EN no
USA Northern Ireland Carrie's The Broom of Anger EN no
Netherlands England Marcia's dutchbint dot org EN yes
USA Germany Rick Wallace's Ground Plums & Gun Smoke EN no
Germany USA Jonas Luster's ¦ textual being since 1999 EN yes
USA England Dave Kim's Ramalamadingdong: Second Class Thoughts EN yes
USA Germany Duncan's My Expatriate Odyssey EN no
England Thailand Jon Combe's ../joncombe EN no
Sweden UK Simon's cede EN yes
UK France Alastair Moore's TransBlogrify EN yes
Germany USA Sebastian's Amerika Lieben Lernen DE yes
USA Italy Ann's My Life in Italy EN yes
India Germany Surya's Silent Eloquence EN no
USA India Torea Frey's Who's The White Girl? EN yes
USA Honduras Andrew White's Life outside Amerika: Confessions of a Gringo in Honduras EN yes
USA Estonia Scott Abel's Baltic Blog EN no
Romania Denmark Paul Petroniu Marza's RO, EN yes
USA Poland Miss Anthropy's miss anthropy: commonplace blog EN no
USA Netherlands Michael Olson's EuroSavant EN no
England Belgium Quarsan's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts EN no
USA China Brad's EN yes
Scotland Belgium Len Northfield's fasteddiesbullet.... EN yes
Britain USA BritCat's BritCat In The USA EN no
USA Spain Meg and Nigel's Diary EN yes
Italy UK Menina's À la Coque Wonderland EN yes
Vietnam Mathias' I love the smell of coffee in the morning... EN yes
UK Portugal Anonymus' Vitriolica Webb's Ite EN yes
England France Daniel's Glaçons EN yes
Germany Netherlands hexacontium's life in a silicashell EN yes
Germany UK Daniel Schaller's The Empire Weblog EN yes
UK Japan Martyn Rankin's Martyn in Japan EN yes
USA Austria Bill Dawson's Dawson's Danube EN yes
Australia UK Glenn Davies' The Adventures Of Glennjamin In Europe EN yes
USA Germany Hamish's Foreign in Frankfurt EN yes
Slovenia Germany Alcessa's alcessa - kapitalna losulja EN,DE,SI yes