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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/Jul/2003: "Respecting other people's work"

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Respecting other people's work

On my various websites I have several hundred pictures. Especially since Google Image Search went live I find more and more direkt links to my pictures. Most of the time some "free website" services and discussion forums are the usual culprits. But there are also others.

Some people still have manners: Littleboy at Nu-Produkt linked to one of my pictures to illustrate an entry (just linked, not embedded). When I (half-jokingly) commented that I would like some credit, he reacted and gave me the credit. For which I would like to say: Thank you. Cool reaction. And since Nu-Produkt is not a commercial site I'm OK with that.

I'm not so happy about what others do: This Czech News Website (from the looks of it a commercial site) took one of my pictures and just used it to illustrate an article. Yes, they gave me the credit (and sent lots of visitors to my site), yet they never asked me for permission to use my picture.

I've got two issues here:

Am I overreacting? Am I right? How do you deal with this, if you have lots of pictures on your site?

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Entry trivia

When writing this entry the weather was: Muggy. Cloudy.

When writing this entry I was listening to: nothing

During the last hour before I wrote this entry I visited this website: Nu-Produkt

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