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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Jun/2003: "The European Debate"

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The European Debate

Currently the debate about the Euro and the European constitution is creating quite a few column inches in the British press. Let me write up a few unsorted thoughts from me and link a few articles I found interesting:

The Sunday Herald looks at the discussion from an interesting angle: The newspaper barons and their views (similarly The Guardian). I find it quite worrying that a small group of people, most of them not even living here can have such a strong voice and influence in the debate. But what can balance their powers? The web? I doubt it, too many people don't have access and even if they did they would probably just visit the sites owned by the same media barons. The government? Failing so far. Where is the visionary who really drives this forward?

As a German living in England (And I deliberately write England here, not Britain) I would love to see a more united Europe. A united Europe with a lot of different flavours. Similar to Britain with its English, Scottish and Welsh flavours. Similar to England with Yorkshire men, Scousers, Essex boys & girls or Cockneys. I've heard people argue that losing the pound would mean the UK would lose some of its national identity. Is a nation defined by its currency? Especially one that's only just over 30 years old in its current form? I don't think so.
Strangely enough it seems footballers could be the role models here. I hope a lot of other people will follow soon.

May be it's time to challenge the Eurosceptics?

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