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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/March/2003: "Blether..."

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The old pretender -vs- The young pretender?: -vs- i am a blether (via

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Any Bonnie Prince Charlie reference is a good excuse to link to this great song -

Posted by Stuart @ 10/March/2003 17:03 GMT

I'm already anticipating my Culloden. Hold up though, there's something wrong here, SM's the Scot, no me.

Posted by Dan @ 11/March/2003 12:35 GMT

So, whaur dae you come fae then, Dan? There's no monie fowk forby the Scots wha wuid pick fir a website name.

Posted by Stuart @ 11/March/2003 12:53 GMT

Ma wife is fae Sauchie naur Alloa (whaur we stay), it's her faut. I'm fae England (oh my god I admitted it) but hae stayed here for a lang time. I'm no for gaun back, this is ma hame nou.

Posted by Dan @ 11/March/2003 13:56 GMT