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Ministry of Propaganda - 20/January/2003: "Have you eaten your 5 portions?"

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Have you eaten your 5 portions?

5 portions of fruit and vegetables that is. Not everyone seems to: Millions ignore healthy eating advice. The Department of Health even tells us what constitutes a portion. I've been good so far today: 2 bananas, 1 glass of orange juice, muesli (not sure if that counts). I've got 2 mandarins on my desk for the afternoon and some tomatos at home for the evening.

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Nothing to do with the Health article, but have a look at this:


Posted by The Cartoonist @ 20/January/2003 18:21 GMT

Ich habe heute schon gegessen/getrunken: eine halbe Grapefruit u.eine Apfelsine (ausgepresst) zum Fruehstueck.
Moehren und Kartoffeln zum Mittagessen.
Abends wird es noch eine Kiwi sein.
Also wird mein Soll auch erfuellt.

Posted by Jutta Grewe @ 20/January/2003 18:26 GMT

I actually did notice that cover when it came out, not sure where as I don't read the Mirror. It's definitely great.
Wer hat denn noch brav sein Obst und Gemuese gegessen?

Posted by Armin @ 20/January/2003 18:37 GMT


Posted by The Cartoonist @ 20/January/2003 21:35 GMT

Ohhhh... shame on me... the only green thing I had today... in my pan - was parsley! And I don't believe its vitamins survived the cooking procedure!

That's a hell of a bad conscience...

Posted by Jamie @ 21/January/2003 22:31 GMT