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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Dec/2009: "Snow at the Kennet & Avon Canal"

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Snow at the Kennet & Avon Canal

Should today turn out to be the only nice snowy day this winter I picked the right day to take a day off. While it wasn't very much snow it was enough to make the landscape along the Kennet & Avon Canal look very nice. When the sun came out late in the morning I went for a long run along the canal, all the way from the lock between Froudes bridge and Aldermaston Wharf to Midgham Lock (near Thatcham) and back. Here are a few pictures I took during the run:

Picture of view along a canal towards a canal lock in the snow

The most easterly point of my run, looking east towards the lock between Froudes bridge and Aldermaston Wharf. Looking very nice in the sun with the trees lining the canal.

Picture of a canal basin below a lock

We've moved on to next to the road bridge in Aldermaston Wharf, just below the lock (on the left). The barrier on the right is from the lifting bridge, not a railway. The railway is a bit further away. The side arm with moored boat used to be a bit longer and led to the railway to transfer cargo.

Picture of an apartment block next to a canal in the snow

Looking west from right next to Aldermaston lock, on the right is Lockside Court. That's where I live when writing this. Nice, isn't it?

Picture of a tree lined canal towpath in the snow

This is just before the bridge at Fronds Farm. I just liked sun light coming through the trees and snow sticking to side of the trees.

Picture of a black and dark brown sheep standing in fresh white snow

Just across the bridge (I think it's called Fronds Bridge, but I'm not sure) are a few fields which usually have some sheep in them. Most of them are of light colour, except for this dark one. It seems to be of the curious type and usually comes up to the fence when you stop. It certainly did so today, looking photogenic against the white snow.

Picture of footsteps in the snow on the bridge

This bridge is called Oxlease Bridge and can be found between Woolhampton Lock and Midgham Lock. I think I was the first one to cross it today, at least there were no other steps when I was there. The footsteps you see are mine from the way, this picture was taken on the way back from Midgham Lock.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed being out during my run and occasionally stopping for pictures.

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