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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Aug/2008: "Swindon's Magic Roundabout Video Revisited"

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Swindon's Magic Roundabout Video Revisited

There won't be many, but there might be a handful of people who will remember the Magic Roundabout Video from 2005. With the help of some German bloggers I created a Circling the Magic Roundabout video. That was then. Now we are in 2008. Having just acquired my own video camera and starting to learn some video editing (I'm using VideoStudio 11) I remembered those old videos (Yes, the originals were still hiding in the depths of my hard drive) and decided to play with them. Here is the result:


While the actual video footage is the same I decided to add a ‘title’ as well as a little sound with a ‘twist’. I hope you like the result even after all those years and that it brings back some nice memories for all those involved back then.

PS: My original Magic Roundabout page also still exists.

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