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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Jan/2008: "New Years Day 2008"

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New Years Day 2008

Picture of a busy motorway

Happy New Year! So there we are, another new year. I haven't really bothered with any New Years Eve festivities last night, just wrote a review of 2007 on my Islay blog, drank a bit of whisky and went to bed at about 23:15. I think there might have been a bit of fireworks outside at midnight, but I think I mostly slept through it. This morning I was up bright and early, which was quite nice as it was really quiet outside. By 8:15 I had updated for 2008 and written the Happy Islay New Year entry. A bit of tidying up in the flat and then I went for a run at about 9:15. Quite a few other people were out as well, much more than I had expected.

Picture of a view over a golf course

Then it was time for the Vienna New Year's Concert. I quite like listening to it, it's a nice start to the new year. It was very nice again, listening to the music while sipping the last two drams of my Bruichladdich Valinch.

Lunch was some nice smoked salmon on homebaked wholemeal rolls, with some Laphroaig Quarter Cask being an excellent accompaniment. Delicious. After a quick afternoon nap I was ready for a New Years Day walk:

Down Marlborough Lane I walked to Pipers Way and followed it down the hill. This took me to the path through the woods along Broome Manor gold club and to the M4. The M4 looked quite busy, especially eastbound. Looked like a lot of people returning towards London from their Christmas and New Year breaks in the west.

Picture of a colourful sunset behind three trees

Walking along the path between the motorway and the golf course I had a fairly nice view over the course, after a quite grey start it seemed to finally brighten up a bit. The motorway was quite noisy though, so I hurried on. It got better when the path moved away from the motorway. I passed a very nice old house (sorry, no picture). Looked really nice, as long as you didn't look to closely and held your hands over your ears: The M4 was literally running through their garden. Arriving at Coate Water Park I had a nice view of a colourful sunset. Also met someone I used to work with at Intel, we had a brief chat before moving on. Unfortunately the next part of my plan for the afternoon then failed, the pub I had planned to visit was closed.

So I walked home thirsty and had a nice large mug of tea with some of the last Bremer Klaben of this season. I'll finish this New Years Day with some music quite likely to be big in 2008 (courtesy of the BBC's Sound of 2008: Glasvegas):


More: Glasvegas (official website), Glasvegas on MySpace.

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