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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Mar/2007: "You Held The World In Your Arms"

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You Held The World In Your Arms

OK, may be not the world, but just Oxford Brookes Students' Union. Yesterday afternoon I drove to Oxford to see Idlewild play. After politely listening to the support act (Sorry, can't remember their name. They were OK, but nothing special) Idlewild finally came on at just gone nine. A ferocious and noisy start with the new single ‘No Emotion’ played as the second song.


They played a combination of old and new songs, including ‘Little Discourage’, ‘El Capitan’ and "Once in Your Life’. Quite a bit of jumping in front of the stage, a little less a bit further back. Not sure how many people were there, at a guess I'd say 200-300 people. I quite enjoyed the show, as I think did the vast majority of the others. Roddy seemed to be in a good mood, engaging with the audience and the band showing why they have such an excellent reputation as a live band.

The concert finished with ‘Scottish Fiction’ after 1.5 hours of great entertainment, a nice end to a good concert. Got back to Swindon just after midnight.

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