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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Sep/2006: "Sunday Afternoon Walk, Yatesbury and Cherhill"

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Sunday Afternoon Walk, Yatesbury and Cherhill

Looks like I'm on a roll, third entry for today, haven't done that for a while. Anyway, with the fantastic late summer weather we had here in Wiltshire today it would have been stupid not to get out. So that's what I did, I went for a very nice walk from Knoll Down to Yatesbury and over Cherhill Down:

Picture of a field with hay bales
Picture of All Saints Church in Yatesbury, war graves in the foreground
Picture of a disused hangar, roof partly collapsed
Picture of a down, a hilly landscape

I parked my car in the lay-by off the A4 from Beckhampton to Calne, then walked over Knoll Down before turning north west to Yatesbury Field, crossing the A4. Over Yatesbury Field I took the track to Yatesbury, noticing the large amounts of hay bales on the fields, waiting to be brought in.

In Yatesbury I took a short detour to visit All Saints Church, which has two rows of graves of ex-servicemen in the churchyard. The graves are quite international, apart from the majority of Englishmen I noticed at least one Australian and several Poles. The reason for these graves is RAF Yatesbury, during the Second World War RAF Yatesbury was a major Radio and Radar Training School and there was an airfield at the site. The site was closed in the late 1960s, only a few buildings remain including a hangar in a very bad state.

From Yatesbury I continued to Cherhill, where I crossed the A4 again to climb up Cherhill Down. From the path I had a great view over the downs, including the Cherhill White Horse and the Lansdowne Monument. Over Oldbury Castle I crossed Cherhill Down to reach the Wessex Ridgeway, also known as Old Bath Road. This led me back to Knoll Down and then to my car.

A very nice walk, much nicer than the quite boring walk we went on last Monday. Should have done this instead. But then again my father probably wouldn't have been able to go on to this walk, the climb up Cherhill Down would have been too long and steep for him after the long walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal we did last Sunday. Anyway, it took me just over three hours for the 7 miles, including detours and breaks for taking quite a few pictures.

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