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Ministry of Propaganda - 09/Apr/2006: "Google Earth is Dangerous!"

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Google Earth is Dangerous!

Aerial picture of terraced houses

Recently I sent a mail to my mother, saying 'Mutti, Du hast das Fenster offengelassen!' (Mum, you forgot to close the window!). To the mail I attached a Google Earth image (cropped version on the right) and complained that she left the window open and that everyone could look into 'my' bedroom. It obviously was a joke and she laughed as soon as she realised it. A 'security expert' seems to think Google Earth is more sinister:

Expert: Google Earth poses risk to the security of the Soccer World Cup. To me it sounds like something Bruce Schneier would call a 'Movie-Plot Threat', apparently terrorists could use coordinates gained from Google Earth to fire a Scud missile from a ship on to a football stadium during the FIFA Football World Cup 2006.

Right. Sounds a bit far fetched to me.

So someone who is capable to obtain a Scud missile and launch it from a ship needs Google Earth to do this? They can't just send someone with a GPS system to walk around the stadium to get the coordinates? Or use a good old-fashioned Sextant (if someone asks you can always claim to be practising for your nautical exam ;-))? Or just buy a few very detailed maps? At least for the UK you can easily buy maps with a 1:10,000 scale, which I suspect to be good enough for those purposes considering the size of a football stadium.

PS: For German readers, here's the original: Experte: Google Earth gefährdet WM-Sicherheit.

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