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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Mar/2006: "Bygone Swindon"

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Bygone Swindon

That will teach me to look at some of the pages I link to more closely: A few days ago I linked to some old BBC footage of the Magic Roundabout back in 1972. Today I received an e-mail commenting on a page from one of my other sites:

The writer quite liked my page with pictures of Swindon in the 1940s. He also suggested that I might like BBC Wiltshire - Historic Swindon pages. I doubt it exists any more, but the Old Manor Donkey Well is quite interesting. The Corn Exchange is may be 5min walk from my house, the building burned out about three years ago, unfortunately not much has happened since as far as I know.

There are also some pictures of the long gone Swindon Old Town Station (more, more) which is even more interesting for me, as the house I'm currently living in was built on the site. I can see this building from my flat (the railway line is long gone, it's now a cycle path).

And how is all this connected? Correct, the Magic Roundabout footage is part of the Historic Swindon pages.

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