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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Mar/2006: "Dirty Deed Done"

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Dirty Deed Done

The dirty deed is done: The forum is no more. It's gone. Dead and buried in cyberspace. While the current run finally seems to have stopped (there hasn't been another entry for the last 3 hours) the next one will only be a question of time and I've got better uses for my time.

I just couldn't be asked to clean up this mess again. Actually, I could have spent another 15-20 minutes of my life doing it, but I just didn't want to. Let alone that this won't be the last time and that I just can't don't want to click on the link for the forum again with dread wondering how it will look.

Time to move on, work on things like Ken Stainsby's Islay watercolours. Or write entries with interesting links here. Or post images. Well, you get the idea.

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