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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Oct/2005: "Now With Dual Display"

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Now With Dual Display

Picture of two displays
Picture of two displays
Picture of two displays

It was on my mind for quite a while, today I made an impulse decision and bought a 19'' LCD monitor to complement the display of my Dell Inspiron 8600. It's a Philips 190X5 I managed to get for a quite good price (I think) at Tesco (Yes, I know, not where you'd expect to buy this kind of product). Anyway, I've got it now and am working on figuring out how to best put it to use:

First of all I can now watch DVDs (yes, that's the Big Yin you can see there) while surfing the web or writing a blog entry. I probably won't do that very often, but it's good to know that I can do it if want to.

Or I can have the browser open on one and the editor on another. Could be quite helpful when working on a page, easier to work with.

Last and probably most important I can have the image editor (currently Paintshop Pro 8, but I'm hoping to move to GIMP for Windows once I've figured out how to use it) open on the big display while writing the page on the laptop display. I often prepare the images while working on the page, e.g. when working on my travelogues. Not having to switch between the two applications but having both visible should make it much easier.

And with that it's time to get back to work get to bed. More tomorrow, probably.

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