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Ministry of Propaganda - 23/Sep/2005: "Spam Attack"

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Spam Attack

Picture of a forum filled with spam messages
Picture of a forum filled with spam messages

When I noticed the first of these entries in my discussion forum a few days ago I thought it was just a mistake. Scrolling further down I soon realised I was wrong. Another spammer had discovered my forum. After having been spam free for a long time it looks like I might have to close it down fairly soon.

Having opened the forum more than two years ago it was pretty much spam free for two years. The odd strange entry I was able to quickly deal with. Looks like that's over now. I have lost count, but I've probably deleted 30-40, possibly 50 of these entries today so far. Unfortunately the forum software doesn't have much spam protection and the deletion is comparably time consuming (also because I want to make sure I don't delete legitimate entries). Not something I'm able to maintain for long. While I'm quite capable with HTML and CSS my Perl knowledge only allows me implement a script but not to make any major changes (let alone add any form of sophisticated spam protection). I don't have the time (nor will and interest) to learn that much either.

Unless the spammers realise that their postings are pointless (hey, the forum doesn't allow HTML, so the links won't go anywhere) I'm afraid the forum will probably go the same way as the guestbook on my other site did. Again something destroyed I enjoyed and which motivates me by thoughtless thugs.

(Yes, I know, I could use an external service like Haloscan or Proboards, but for various reasons I don't want to)

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