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Ministry of Propaganda - 17/Sep/2005: "Back from Wales"

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Back from Wales

Picture of a group of riders with their horses in full gallop
Picture of a horse and rider almost disappearing in the mist

And all too soon the week was over: We've just returned from Wales where I picked up my sister from her week horse trekking at the Cwmfforest Riding Centre.

She took well over 400 pictures, two are on the right to give you an impression of her week. Some brilliant sunshine, perfect for galloping over the Welsh hills. But also some dense mist, not so good for galloping. Some nice views over the Irish sea were thwarted by it. On a sunny clear day the view is quite different.

As on other treks it was an international group again: Riders from the US, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany were led by a guide from England who currently lives in Scotland and spent his summer holiday in Wales.

Today the weather was mixed and as the cooling fan of my car definitely is broken (note to self: need to get that checked and fixed) I didn't want to drive too much and in particular wanted to avoid heavy traffic. Meaning we pretty much drove straight back to Swindon apart from a stop at Abergavenny where we took a quick look at the Abergavenny Food Festival. Some parts were free, but we decided not to pay the £3:50 entrance fee for the fenced off parts. It seemed a bit strange having to pay an entrance fee for catering food stalls or 'The Cheese & Wine Show' trying to sell cheese and wine.

Weather permitting (currently it looks promising) I plan to take my sister on the Castle Combe to Ford walk tomorrow I went on with my parents earlier this year. It might not be warm enough to sit outside, but lunch will probably be at the White Hart Inn in Ford again.

And when the car is fixed and the weather looks promising I need to get back to Wales for a weekend. Some of the hills north of Abergavenny (e.g. the Black Mountains, in particular the Offa's Dyke Path) look very good for an autumn walk, especially once the trees start to change colours. I guess in about 3-4 weeks will be the right time to return.

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