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Ministry of Propaganda - 13/Sep/2005: "Petrol Shortage"

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Petrol Shortage

Just listening to BBC Radio Five Live where they are discussing the current 'petrol shortage'. There's no petrol station on the way so I don't know how it looks at other places here in Swindon, but the station at Tesco ran out of fuel today. I didn't need or want to fill up, but I saw quite a few people coming and turning away again. Looks like quite a few people are panic buying.

Another round of fuel protests is on the cards from the looks of it. I remember how the last one ruined my holidays. I hope it won't ruin my sisters holiday this year, I have enough fuel to pick her up again this weekend, but probably not enough to drive anything further after returning to Swindon with her.

The question is who's at fault for the high prices and what can and should be done about it. The best analysis I've heard so far is by Evan Davis (hope I've got the spelling right) at the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. Not sure how long it will be available, here's a 12:23 min listen again recording. The protesters won't listen to it anyway, even though I hope some might listen to it and start thinking.

No, we have no divine right to cheap petrol prices. And as long as people drive distances of about a mile which can easily be walked in less than 10 minutes the prices can't be too high anyway. Especially if the drive is to the fitness club to go on to the treadmill...

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