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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/Jun/2005: "Islay Blogging"

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Islay Blogging

Islay Blogs seem to be a bit like the infamous buses: First there are none and then several come along. A few days ago I mentioned the blog by the Islay High School students travelling to Ecuador (looks like there will be a few pictures soon). That was just the start...

While I haven't received the print copy yet (probably won't arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday) I visited the Ileach website today and noticed the words 'Island Blogging' in the contents listing (the full content isn't available online). The BBC have expanded their Island Blogging pages to Argyll and Clyde, which includes Islay. And Brian from the Ileach has taken up the challenge, he is blogging in the Islay area.

But that's still not all: James McGregor from Islay IT Services has finally sorted out the website for his wife Katriona and she also has a new Blog with pictures from Islay. Still needs permalinks, an RSS feed and a comment function though, will that be in the next release in 5 months, James? ;-)

While I'm at it, don't forget to visit the Islay Ales newsblog, also set up by James a few weeks ago. Not to forget his Islay Broadband news, unfortunately the broadband enabling of the Bowmore and Port Charlotte exchanges seems to have turned into a bit of a saga.

Finally not really a blog, but quite a few pictures from Islay in glenfinlas' photos on Flickr.

Now I only need to get my next visit to Islay sorted. I hope I can still get a room somewhere...

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