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Ministry of Propaganda - 17/Feb/2005: "Mountain Porn and Blogging"

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Mountain Porn and Blogging

Picture of the Paps of Jura

Huh, I wonder how many search engine hits that title will bring... Anyway, Bagger had a great post about sexy mountain names a few days ago, a tiny picture of the Pap of Glencoe included. I thought, I can do better than that. So here's a picture of the Paps of Jura from a visit in April last year. Weather permitting I expect to get a better view this April during the 3rd Islay Walking week. Only one problem now: After this revelation the US television might not report about Jura and other places in Scotland any longer. Ach well, can't be helped now, the truth is out.

Back to blogging: I think Bagger is also looking for other hillwalking blogs apart from Mountain Mad which he already has in his link list. How about The Arete? Not updated that often, but still has interesting entries (and even a picture).

Obviously not much hillwalking down here in Wiltshire, but with the weather forecast looking quite promising for the weekend I think I'll probably go on the Wayland's Smithy, The White Horse and Weathercock Hill walk.

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