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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Oct/2004: "Rainy Sunday Walk"

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Rainy Sunday Walk

Picture of a path through trees

My mother always used to say Ihr seid doch nicht aus Zucker (meaning as much as "You are not made of sugar") when it was raining and we didn't want to get wet. So I went for my Sunday walk despite the not too promising weather forecast. As usual it turned out to be wrong, the rain came in much earlier than predicted. But as I was already on my way I continued anyway, the waterproofs came out, the camera went into the backpack, and on I went through the rain. Not too many pictures today though, only a few from the early stages of the walk.

Despite the rain I enjoyed the walk, it was relaxing just to walk on through the rain. I covered about 5 miles in just over 2hrs. Similar to last weekend I started on the Ridgeway near Ogbourne St George, only I went south instead of north this time. I soon left the Ridgeway to follow a byway to Bytham Farm (picture on the left is just past Bytham Farm). From here I made my way to Poulton Downs, where I turned north-east again. Past Warren Farm I walked along Red Lane, no idea why it is called Red Lane though, I didn't really see anything justifying the name.Picture of a lone tree on a field It was nice walking here though, I'll probably have to take a look in better weather some day. After a while I reached Oak Stagger and Whiteshard Bottom, again I have no idea about the history of the names, but I quite like them. I had now reached the home stretch, here I turned north again to return to my car past Moore's Wood, Wilding's Copse and Chase Wood. Moore's Wood looked very nice, unfortunately the rain was too strong to take the camera out.

Now it's time for a relaxing afternoon: After returning home I had a nice hot bath and a wee dram to warm up again. I'll put the kettle on in a minute for a cuppa and reading the rest of the Sunday newspaper. Then it will probably be back to the computer, I've got some more walking to document. Watch this space...

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