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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/Sep/2004: "Sunday Walk"

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Sunday Walk

Picture of the Ridgeway
Picture of the Four Barrows
Picture of trees in the evening sun

If you are a regular reader of this blog you might have expected an entry like this. This is now the fourth weekend in a row where I managed to go on longer walk on the Sunday:

This Sunday I went on a walk on the Ridgeway and the Aldbourne Circular Route. I started my walk on the Ridgeway from the road between Ogbourne St George and Aldbourne. Following the Ridgeway was nice although not always pleasant walking, mainly due to the damage 4x4s and trail bikes have done to it. Quite deep ruts go along most of the part I walked on. But the views were nice and the weather improved after a fairly cloudy start.

I then left the Ridgeway to follow the Aldbourne Circular Route to Sugar Hill. Turning south west I walked along Sugar Hill towards Aldbourne. Just past Whitecomb Plantation I passed the Four Barrows. They were a bit difficult to get on to a picture, so you only get to see three of them, as I stood on top of the fourth when I took the picture. There wasn't much else to see, so I soon continued towards Aldbourne.

When I arrived in Aldbourne it was early evening, so despite the temptation of the pub I decided to press on. After a short distance along the B4192 I turned off and followed the byway towards snap. The sun was setting rapidly now, giving some nice evening light. I passed Snap in the dusk and finally reached the Ridgeway again. The last few hundred yards I had to walk in near darkness, apart from the moments the moon came through the clouds now starting to appear.

I made it back to my car safely, slightly tired but happy after a very nice walk. I walked approximately 10 miles in about 4 1/2 hours (including various photo breaks). I'll probably walk in the area again, next time hopefully with a little bit more time for a stop in Aldbourne (and in particular the pub).

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