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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Aug/2004: "Wave energy (again)"

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Wave energy (again)

I had an entry about the wave power station on Islay earlier this year, time to pick up on it again:

The UK government has just announced to fund more research into wave and tidal power generation with an additional GBP 50m. See also at the BBC, The Scotsman and The Herald.

This is driven by the Department for Trade and Industry, (Press release about the additional funding), who have a few pages about renewable energy including tidal and wave energy.

With increasing opposition against wind farms, wave power might be one of the options and the installation on Islay is one of the first in the world as The Guardian writes (and the Sydney Morning Herald picks up). At the least the station on Islay (which admittedly is fairly small) is almost invisible and from what I remember doesn't cause too much noise unless you are very close.

Finally a thought that just occured to me: Ian, if you're reading this, how about a walk around the Portnahaven area with a tour or visit of the station during the next WalkIslay Week? Not sure if this is possible (not sure how many people visiting it can cope with and how much there is to see), just an idea I had.

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