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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Jun/2004: "Voting in Europe"

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Voting in Europe

My mother just called from Germany, asking how we manage to vote here in the UK when we have to work (In Germany elections take place on Sundays). I explained that the polling stations are open from 7:00 to 22:00hrs, which should allow most people to vote. And there's also the option to vote by post.

Hence I went to my polling station after work today to vote. But instead of voting in two elections (Swindon Borough Council election and European Parliamentary election) I was told I could only vote in the Swindon Borough Council election. For some reason my details weren't correct on the register of electors. And that despite me completing and signing various forms and sending them back several weeks or even months ago, including a form that I would only vote in the UK but not in Germany for the European Parliamentary election.

Thank you to whoever messed that up!

Oh, and I don't fully agree with what Pamela Schlatterer writes about a Eurosceptic nation. Yes, there are a lot of Eurosceptics and Europhobes, but there are also a lot of Europhiles. Unfortunately not as vocal as the Eurosceptics. I guess you can deduce my sympathies and that I wouldn't have voted for UKIP. And neither the Tories. If they had let me, that is.

More about the elections on the BBC News In Depth Vote 2004 pages.

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