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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Mar/2004: "TV Licensing wasting money"

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TV Licensing wasting money

Preview image of the letters

If you are paying for a TV license you might be interested in how TV Licensing is wasting your money:

I haven't got a television (or any "television receiving equipment to receive or record television programme services" for that matter), haven't had one for six years now. When I moved house recently the letters started to arrive, actually, the first one was already waiting for me before I moved in.

The letter was quite strong, alleging that I was watching TV without a license and threatening all kind of actions, prosecution and fines. Only one short sentence asking me to tell them if I don't have a TV receiver. But that was countered by the fact that they will then contact me (For what? Isn't me telling you that I don't have a TV enough?). Also no response envelope, no simple response form, nothing.

The result? I can't be bothered to reply. Why should I pay for the postage and have the hassle of preparing a letter etc?

So TV Licensing continues to pay the postage to send me more threatening letters: "TV Licensing Officers will soon be visiting" Will they? Really? You've been telling me that for months now...

But that's not all. I thought I go to their website to see if I can e-mail them. The result? This:

Screenshot of the message I received on their website

Their browser sniffer doesn't like my browser and tells me "In order to view this website, you need a version 4 browser or above. Please download a free browser from one of the sites below: - Microsoft Internet Explorer - Netscape Communicator". They are running a public website which isn't accessible to all browsers. Which developer was paid to produce this? You must be joking...

OK, here are a few hints for you:

  1. Include a simple response form and a prepaid envelope. This would encourage me to reply and ultimately save you postage to send me another threatening letter every month.
  2. Fire your current web site agency. Hire one that can write pages which can be used with any browser. This would allow me (and others) to actually visit your website and potentially send you a message
  3. Provide an e-mail on your letters, we are living in the internet age. This would allow me to just send you a quick e-mail that I don't have a TV.
  4. Be a bit friendlier. There are more people out there than you think without a television. And they don't like to be threatened just because they decided not to have one.

Thank you. Rant over. And yes, I know, in the time I prepared this entry I could have written them a letter. But why should I?

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