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Ministry of Propaganda - 28/Jan/2004: "Snow in Swindon"

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Snow in Swindon

Picture of footsteps and tyremarks in the snowI wasn't really expecting it to happen any more (even though the weather forecast was talking of snow for days now), but today it finally happened: Snow in Swindon. It started at about 17:00 hours this afternoon. Almost a blizzard with strong winds and snow blowing around. And something unexpected: Lightning and thunder. I think we had at least two sets of thunder and lightning, may be more. Not exactly what I would expect in that kind of weather. As was to be expected absolute chaos broke out on the roads. Luckily I live very close to work and walk home, but I could see the huge queues on the roads. Not to forget the sirens of ambulances and emergency services wailing pretty constantly. As soon as I got home I picked up my camera to go out again and take a few pictures. See below for a few more impressions (enhanced through some digital trickery):

Picture of Dewell Mews in the snow
Picture of a view over Swindon
Picture of a snowed under park
Picture of traffic congestion

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Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of three Grewes in the snow

Couldn't really put a different picture than this one here, could I? I'm in the back with the red woolly hat thingy. My sister (three years in this picture) in the middle and our father has to grin and bear both of us. Probably somewhere in the Harz mountains in Germany.

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